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On my way to pick up Anya, I heard a bus blare it's horn just as I looked over and a small (9-10 y/o) black girl rode out right in front of me as I had just pushed the gas at the green. Slammed on my brakes, and my heart stopped as the little girl literally put her hand on my wind/bug shield on the front grille of the explorer. She literally was maybe inches away from having been run over only to ride back out of traffic to a group of angry folks shaking fists at her, me and probably anyone they saw. No parents, just out cruising with a little'un and a bigger girl. No helmets. 

I almost hit a child today and it would have absolutely been that child's fault. I don't know how that makes me feel.

Thank you Cleveland transit driver who saw her before I did. That driver likely gave me the split-second that changed everything.

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How am I supposed to schedule my classes without having a job first to know when not to schedule my classes?

This is so fucking frustrating.

I love my boyfriend

I just have to say that. I love him, love him more than many things.
He makes me feel like I am whole again while still being able to exist be held up when he is not here to hold me.

I love him!


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Mother's Day Idea Planning

*evil cackle* because it's still over two months out, but I know what I'm doing.

At the Conservatory where I work, we have a famous "Butterflies and Blooms" exhibit - this is our 18th season, and it'll be my first time seeing the exhibit; the Conservatory is renowned for being one of the first to have this kind of display. Thousands of butterflies will be loose in our Pacific Island exhibit, and members get to be a part of the release. For Mother's Day, they are having moms release butterflies into the exhibit.
What I am going to do is create a movie/photo montage for my mom, with signs that explain that I'm sorry she couldn't be there and I couldn't be where she is, but she means so much to me and the transformation of our relationship is so poignant that I wanted to celebrate it in some way - so I will tell her that I have adopted a butterfly to release in her honor! I'll then take video of me in the Pacific Island, releasing the butterfly; I'm hoping that if it's a day I have to work (I think it is), my boss will allow me to take my lunch and change into a nice outfit and look pretty. I can't think of a better way to express my appreciation for my Mom.

O Brigid our Heart...

 Really, this cough has *got* to go away. Two weeks, and it's still here. I can *feel* it in my chest. Boo.

Ian has been a saint, helping me with the pronunciations for the Hymn to Brigid; I'm excited for Imbolc, already, even though we still have Yule to go through as well. I guess Yule is probably my least-thought-about holiday, and I should really change that. It's just never had that same connection to me as other High Days.

I'm about to pull my own hair regarding reviewing submissions. I'll be really glad when I'm no longer Preceptor, to be really honest with you. I'm kind of burnt out on some ideas in that regard. Hopefully this changeover will be really easy...

I think I'll be ready to submit my DP. I think. I still want to read it (just read it) one final time.

Maybe when the move is all settled and my new computer is here.
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This is where I geek...

I found this apartment I really, really, really love and really, really really want and can afford...
...except I'm afraid it'll be gone before my first paycheck comes in so I can put the $225 deposit down.

*bites hair*