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I deleted my FaceBook...

because I realize I don't need social media to be happy, and I am much more content to just post sporadically and not spend half my day wondering "who posted on facebook today?"

...Already, like 10 times I've caught myself almost logging into facebook. That says it all.

100 better Days

#9 - Let Others have the Glory.

Rather than jumping in and saying "Oh, that's what I did!" or "Well that is like this time I..." or something else...I am biting my tongue. I need to spend more time asking people more about themselves than diminishing their joy by overshadowing them with my own input. They didn't come to me to tell me about themselves for me to butt it. I would have made more friends and less enemies in my life had I learned this lesson sooner.

Trimming the Tree

So...warning beware.

I am cutting out people from Lj. Please don't get angry. If all we do is larp, and not much else, or you and I don't really talk or know each other, I'm sorry, but I need to drop.

I am at a stage in my life where I have realized my life is more than a game and I am more than a pawn. I am a woman, a friend, a lover and so much more.

And if this is time for our journey to end, I'm sorry. I've probably loved you and will miss you, but this is better for me and I hope that helps.

And that doesn't mean I'll not keep you around on Facebook or something. But this is my journal, and it's for my private thoughts, and I feel all too often I have to censor myself, and that's not me at all, or why this journal was started.

Brighest Blessings.

2.29 Johnsonville Brats....


I love Wisconsin.

all my Bonnie seemed so far away.

Which song was this lyric from?

Get your own lyrics:

ADF Meme? You bet!

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Three Cranes Druid
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General ADF:

On a quest for Fellowship and on-path to find like-minded community in her semi-new home.

Calling all Hands : Baby Shower

It's finally happened. Someone has entrusted me as Godmother and begged me to plan them a shower.

I need help.

My idea? Potluck baby shower. Bring your own dish (I'm making Taco Salad and bringing sparkling cider.)

But I need some ideas for games, decorations (budget: under $30). I'm baking a custom cake.


I have 19 days... 

Happy Birthday!!!

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, anvilchorus !!!